The Effortless Newsletter

52 Weeks of Inspiring Articles to Keep Your Clients Engaged

Lisa Fletcher has been sending out a newsletter to her travel clients and prospects since 2014 — with incredible results.

This book contains 52 of her best articles, that you can use in your own newsletters word for word.

You’ll Get:

52 articles that Lisa has written herself, proven to connect with clients. This is your secret weapon for attracting new clients and retaining your current ones. Use these articles in your own newsletters — under your own byline.  

A guide that explains the basics of the electronic newsletter clearly and succinctly, so you can set up your own newsletter and start sending out issues pronto.

Articles written in a friendly, conversational tone in a range of topics of the utmost interest to clients. Each newsletter article has a personal feel, and as a travel professional for more than 20 years, Lisa knows what topics resonate with clients the most.

52 email subject lines guaranteed to get your clients to "click."

The peace of mind from knowing that you don't have to scramble to come up with your next newsletter topic!

Effortless Newsletter ebook

"I cannot over-emphasize the power of the weekly, electronic newsletter for travel professionals. It is the single, greatest tool for building 'know, like and trust.' Now, with this book, implementing one of the most valuable marketing systems (the weekly electronic newsletter) has just gotten a whole lot less time consuming and become almost 'effortless.'"

Meredith Hill, Founder of the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE) 

Lisa Fletcher

About the Author

Lisa Fletcher has been in the travel industry for 20+ years. But her travel business really took off when she started sending out her electronic newsletter 3 years ago. 

When I first started my own travel business, Signature Escapes, I was so focused on servicing my clients that I really didn't do any marketing. That was, until I realized that I wouldn't have any clients if I didn't start putting myself out there!

That's why I started sending out an electronic newsletter in January of 2014, and I haven't missed a week yet. I started my newsletter as a way to keep in touch with my clients ... but what I didn't expect was that it could be a powerful lead generation tool as well.  

My clients would forward my newsletter to their friends, I'd get new people to sign up at industry events, and I'd link to my newsletter over social media. Soon, my list of prospects was growing!

Here's how powerful the newsletter can be: I had a couple who had been on my newsletter list for years. I hadn't met them personally, and they never booked with me before. 

Until ... after receiving and reading my weekly newsletters for two years, they reached out. 

They wanted to plan a bucket list trip to Hawaii for their 50th anniversary. I designed the trip for them, to the tune of $24,000.  

My newsletter keeps me top of mind with my clients, and it puts me in front of prospects who I might never otherwise have the opportunity to connect with. Hands down, it is my most important lead nurturing and client retention tool. 

I love putting together practical, inspirational, and fun-to-read content for my newsletter each week. And now, I'm so excited to share my best articles with you, for you to use for yourself (and no — you don't have to give me any credit!). I hope this makes your own marketing as effortless as possible — enjoy!

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